Welcome to vanderpla, a creative platform set up by Eudald Van der Pla in order to carry out visual communication and art projects, often in collaboration with other professionals.




We’re millennials

An open, flexible, adaptive, participative and nonconformist generation that believes in doing things differently and that needs to work with purpose, generating a positive impact on society whenever possible. We aren’t a team of people hired to staff an office but rather a group of professionals who work on a hyperconnected basis. This can mean working from our studio (Moià), from a coworking space (Barcelona), from a nice cosy bar or from an island in the middle of nowhere while sipping on a matcha latte (with a wooden drinking straw, just to complete the picture). We believe in leadership that inspires, which is why we use a horizontal organisational structure based on cooperation and respect rather than an autocratic hierarchy. Our customers are part of our team. We like to establish a working relationship of trust in order to be more at ease and to achieve better results.

visual communication

We’re artisans of visual communication. We offer our customers a creative vision that goes beyond design in order to give their brands & organizations social value and coherence. We treat each project with the utmost care, from preparation to implementation and follow-up. We handle offline and online advertising campaigns, corporate identity and naming projects, art direction, editorial design, web design, packaging, audio-visual materials, multimedia and social media. We also love taking on unfamiliar challenges.

Art lab.

We believe in art and culture as tools of social transformation, which is why we foster artistic productions with this goal in mind. It’s our way of engaging in politics. We’re cultural activists. And yes, we want to change the world. The Ex Abrupto collective is our main channel for projects of this nature. We create contemporary art festivals, we commission exhibitions, we come up with ideas for collective works of art, and we put together multidisciplinary work groups in order to conceptualise innovative projects with total freedom. We’re convinced that the coexistence of art and design is necessary, that they add up to more than the sum of their parts.


Our studio in Moià is the space we need in order to be close to nature, the source of everything. We regularly organise residencies at our studio in order to reflect on different ways of working and to find new creative approaches. It’s a space with an open character, occasionally shared with other professionals and creatives in order to generate synergies, harness combined potential and enrich our creative vision.


Being connected to one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities is just as important as being able to work in a rural setting. In Barcelona, not only do we constantly surround ourselves with art, culture and trends, but also we work at “La Vaca”, a coworking space that enables us to be in close contact with other creatives and to grow our network of knowledge and professionals.


We’d like to do everything, but we admit that we don’t know how to do everything! That’s why we have in place a professional network of collaborators who enable us to expand our potential and services. Without limits. We believe in specialisation, which is why we work with experts; that’s the only way to achieve optimal results in each and every project.