Ajuntament de Moià

Logo Moià City Council

Corporate logo design


Year: 2019


In 2017 the City Council of Moià approved the officialization of the Municipal shield of Moià, following the current heraldic regulations that exist to be registered in the Local Entity Registry of Catalonia. From the new shield, they decided to redesign the corporate logo of the City Council to use it in all its external communications.

The approach to design the new logo was in accordance with the normative shield, keeping all the elements included in it and synthesizing them to make it functional and graphically convert it into a corporate logo. We work from the “croat” (medieval coin, graphic representation of the City Council of Moià from the 15th century) in a central position inside the tiled floor and accompanied by the “armes” and two flags. It was also decided to maintain the mural crown of five towers (symbol of the positioning of the population), synthesizing it in the minimum expression.