Ajuntament de Moià

Ajuntament de Moià

Design of a youth civic campaign. Carnival 2020.

Client: Ajuntament de Moià

Year: 2020


The campaign aims to raise awareness among young people about sexist violence and alcohol abuse during the Carnival 2020 festivities.
The campaign has been working together with young people through “Espai jove la Pólvora”. There was a meeting where we talked about how to focus the campaign, not only the conceptual part and how to convey the messages, but also the text. The young people proposed as a campaign slogan “Estic del chill,” an expression often used by them and meaning “be calm.”

As for the visual part, a filter has been designed for Instagram Stories that can be downloaded on Instagram from @AjMoia and young people can use and publish on their personal Instagram profiles for to share the campaign. The filters are tattoos on the face with messages related to the subject. For sexist assaults, the messages “only yes is yes” and “respect”.
For the photo shoot, we met with the young people and themselves made the selfies shown in the campaign images, thus giving a face to a sensitive subject and self-producing the photo session.