Casus Belli Ex Abrupto

Ex Abrupto

Disseny i difusió de la campanya de l’espectacle “Casus Belli”


Any: 2018

Ex Abrupto som un col·lectiu d’artistes que activem escenaris artístics nòmades i descentralitzats convidant a artistes, consolidats i sobretot emergents, a intervenir-hi.
“Casus Belli” és la seva primera peça sonora orquestral que s’executarà al festival de creació contemporània MAU 2018 a Roca Umbert, Granollers.

The piece will be performed by the Orquestra de Cambra del Moianès and the Orquestra Electrònica del Vallès. The first, directed by Daniel Vallejo, is a newly created band with musicians from other chamber orchestras and will be released in public for the first time with CASUS BELLI. The multi-disciplinary musicians Dènys Sanz and Marco Domenichetti form the Vallès Electronic Orchestra, with a renowned musical and experimental career, and will be responsible for putting the electronic accent of the composition.

As an image, a bust of Ares, god of the war of Greek mythology, is proposed. The blue piece represents the moment of tension and social uncertainty before a war, coldness. Ares, in red, is the representation of the explosion of war.