Consell Comarcal del Moianès

Campaign for the Moianès Women’s Attention Service (SIAD)

Client: Consell Comarcal del Moianès

Year: 2017

Design of posters, flyers, leaflets and rollups.


The Moianès Women’s Information and Care Service is a space for attention, support, information and advice on aspects related to the personal, family, social and labor field that the Moianès Regional Council makes available to the women of the region. The purpose of the service is to respond to the needs and demands of women, sensitize and detect possible situations of discrimination and violence.

The campaign is divided into two lines: The first is to inform about the woman’s attention service and the second to explain the forms of violence that exist and the areas in which it is reproduced. We wanted to work on a conceptual graphic line using the fonts as if they were images to give them more power and forcefulness and thus avoid using literal images of the subject, claiming another way to explaining gender violence.