CORTSUKI was a peculiar gastro-nipona experience in La Cort (Moià), conceived and carried out by the chefs Marc Comella and Ananda Catalán in collaboration with vanderpla. The experience consisted of a twelve-course dinner with ten guests that took place on August 12, 2017 and was broadcast in streaming. For each dish, a presentation and a performance act were designed and marred with an audiovisual projection consistent with the gastronomic concept.


“CORTSUKI is, in essence, a transgression, an attempt to blur borders and break the boundaries of the world of gastronomy, it is an experience, more than a meal, a journey more than a delicacy. CORTSUKI is fusion. It is the union of the western classical tradition with the flames of the country of the rising sun, it is the union of immediacy and waiting, of strength and subtlety, it is the wave polishing the stone of the cliff, it is the marriage between the surgical precision of the heirs of the samurais with the clay pots of our grandmothers and the rosemary and the laurel of our forests.”