Ex Abrupto Moià took place on August 8, 9 and 10, 2014. It was days of interdisciplinary artistic proposals for which a historical building of the village was activated, which is currently in disuse, Fonda la Masia and the adjoining square, where during the Civil War the church of San Sebastià was burned and destroyed. Ex Abrupto Moià was an artistic proposal designed exclusively to be exhibited and recreated in Fonda la Masia and the town of Moià, based on the opportunities offered by the people: creative emerging local, groups and entities of Moià. We also worked with proposals from national and international contemporary creators. The festival was structured in three exhibition lines: MASIA IN: this space was housed within the Fonda la Masia itself and exhibited different multidisciplinary pieces in the spaces available to the house. MASIA OUT: this space was a reference to the Plaza de San Sebastián where concerts, performances, sound experiences and poetry were programmed, among a series of activities that were carried out throughout the day. OFF EX ABRUPTO: 3 gastronomic spaces of Moià offered us their premises so that the pictorial artists exhibited their work. The local artist Eudald Font also opened his studio. During the festival, there were also children’s workshops, a movie theater workshop and a desktop publishing market, led by: Lentejas Press, Helena Santacana and Clara Cortés, Famílic Records and Boston Pizza.