Packaging design


Year: 2019

Ecopyrene is a family of Cerdanya (Catalonia). A second generation who has believed in the legacy of their parents and has decided to continue and undertake the family business by updating to current times. The company has animal pastures that live in protected natural areas of the Cerdanya, the Pyrenees. Ecopyrene produces and packs high quality organic meat.


We have designed the packaging of organic meat products produced by Ecopyrene. To do this, we wanted to convey the values of the company, a family business, nearby, of ecological products and in a high mountain environment. The packs are made of recyclable cardboard and have a die that follows the skyline of Cadi. In the upper right, you can manually select a pen with which product contains the box, in this way we save to create a pack for each type of product and at the same time we leave the handprint in each pack, to transmit the dedication that Ecopyrene dedicates to each product