On October 15, 2016, Ex Abrupto collaborated for the second year with the MAU festival of Roca Umbert (Granollers) by activating the Thermal with a custom project for the space and the festival: EL MATADERO. Carnicoindustrial experience in La Térmica. An artistic production of Ex Abrupto produced with the audiovisual artist Llogari Antúnez and the performers Antídrom. Based on an audiovisual piece by the artist Llogari Antúnez, we thermally and environmentally transform the Thermal, converting it into a slaughterhouse, one of the most important industries currently. The antidrom performers generated different performative actions that the viewer encountered while visiting the installation.


MAU shows urban art is formulated from understanding public space as a platform for interaction. It is a question of promoting an art of action that fosters dynamics of creative participation and collaboration between the users of the factory, the inhabitants of Granollers and the artists or promoters. The exhibition aims to claim public space as a platform for experimentation and reflection.


ROCA UMBERT FÀBRICA DE LES ARTS is a living cultural space, open to everyone and in constant transformation, at the service of creative processes, participatory artistic training and dialogue between the arts. A space for contemporary creation that includes research, creation and training among others, uniting creators and citizens.


LA TÈRMICA, SPACE OF EXECUTION OF “EL MATADERO” The boilers, already in disuse, date from the decade of the 50s of the last century. The increase in production, the usual electrical restrictions, made the purchase of this equipment necessary so that the energy that the factory needed needed to be automated. It is therefore a unique heritage and a space with a very good state of conservation.