Corporate memory

Editorial design and infographics

Client: Fedefarma

Year: 2019


Fedefarma is a cooperative created by and for pharmaceuticals, they are a cooperative that acts in the sanitary field offering integral services for the pharmacies, contributing solutions to improve the competitiveness and profitability, and promoting the sanitary paper of the pharmacist.


We have designed the integrated memory of fedefarma of the year 2018, where the main indicators and lines of activity of the cooperative are found throughout the year. The purpose of this piece is to collect all the figures and information that define and illustrate the activities and services that have been developed by fedefarma, so that it helps them to put them in value and, at the same time, allow Have some reference indicators for continuous improvement.
By publicizing these results, they intend to carry out an exercise of transparency and deepen the strengthening of the return that they offer as a cooperative to society.