Viure en família

Editorial design & art direction

Client: Editorial Graó

Year: 2017

The magazine Viure en família (Living in family) has the purpose of providing useful and quality information about everything that interests families and everyone who lives with children from pregnancy to approximately 8 years: health, diet, education, psychology, leisure, culture, promote a respectful parenting with the rhythms and physical, psychological and educational needs of the children, provide ideas and resources to rediscover the healthy, natural and solidary life, taking advantage of the experience of living with children and girls.


Viure en família has an innovative point of view and a progressive vision, and as such a modern and current model has been designed without leaving aside the functionality in terms of readability and conceptual understanding. Three typographic hierarchies have been worked on in the whole model, which, according to the section, take on one form or another, giving -and whenever possible- an important relevance to the images that accompany the contents in order to make a very visual and amusing model ..