On October 21, 2017, Ex Abrupto presented at the MAU Festival of Roca Umbert a new artistic and musical production based on the masterpiece of Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, Las cuatro estaciones. The production, called Vivaldi, exabrupta alabança in the four seasons , honored this work of the s. XVIII giving a new form and dimension to this great classic of humanity.


The stations were broken down, intervened and reinterpreted by musical artists from the electronic, experimental, industrial and noisy worlds: Coàgul, Emiliano Hernandez-Santana, Autonoise and Xavi Lloses.


Two hundred and seventy-six years after his death, we look at the most transgressive Vivaldi. That way of making him closer to the people and that he moved away from both the circles of power and the bourgeoisie, who had applauded him before, accusing him of immoral. Of immorality because it sets aside the traditional schemes of sacred music and develops, in an innovative way, the formal and rhythmic structure of the concert, where it seeks harmonic contrasts, new themes and new melodies. Taking his four best-known violin concertos, “Le Quattro Stagioni”, we see how Vivaldi becomes an exceptional example of what is called programmatic music*. In these concerts, il prete rosso takes us to the fields of Mantua, next to its streams, with the different types of birds singing, dogs bordering, the buzzing of mosquitoes, shepherds crying, drunk dancers in the middle of silent nights, Hunting games both from the hunters’ point of view and from the prey, ice landscapes, children skating over the ice and warm fires in winter.


To Vivaldi, an exabrupta alabança in the four seasons, we will carry this way of doing, as if it were a Vivaldi of the 21st century, revising its “Four Seasons” with Coagul, Emiliano Hernandez-Santana, Autonoise and Xavi Lloses, You are in the center of the factory, the heart that beats in the chest of the town. Next to the roads; with the different singers of the machines and looms; the overseers who shout; the weeping content of a woman in the factory, who has left her son with a neighbor, and the crying of this child in the distance; rain raking on the uralite roofs and the sound of hot air rising through the tube of a coal stove.