Visual communication

vanderpla is the creation platform of Eudald Van der Pla with which he develops art and design projects, often in collaboration with other professionals.

The studio

We are professionals of visual communication. We provide our customers with a creative vision to give value to their brands, offering a transversal vision that goes beyond design. We work with corporate identities, offline and online advertising campaigns, editorial design, packaging, web design and art direction.


We work in a rural environment by choice. Our space is an old chicken coop rehabilitated from a house of 1831 located in one of the oldest streets of Moià.
The space is open and is shared intermittently with other professionals and creatives to establish synergies, add potential and enrich the creative vision.

Eudald Van der Pla | Founder

With more than 10 years of experience, he studies graphic design in the EASD Vic and in the Llotja de Barcelona. He learns the trade of prepressor in the Winihard Gràfics printing house and finishes the first phase of his career as a graphic designer in Wassabi (Bcn).
In 2013 he started as a freelance and in 2018 he founded the vanderpla studio. He combines his creative work with that of cultural activist, curator, artist and event organizer. He is co-founder of the Ex Abrupto collective.


Sofia Nieto | Graphic designer

Joan C Brenchat | Graphic designer

Alina Cvetkova | UX/UI designer

Gemma Cots | Communication management

Miquel Àngel Alabart | Editor i terapeuta

Marc Ribera | Graphic designer

Jennifer M. Espelt | Graphic designer